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By Jennie Buckman
The Hope Theatre
Produced by Giants Theatre Co
About the piece:

Piece of Silk was inspired by the Arabian Nights and draws on the shocking stories of women survivors of domestic violence and enforced marriage.

This mixed media piece focuses on the concept that storytelling is a matter of life and death. Giants collaborated with Southall Black Sisters (SBS)Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) and artists from Not Shut Up, a collective for ex-prisoners, to inform the story.

"Based on accounts from real victims, this play finds a way to surprise and investigate the audience’s perceptions"

 The Times



"Tania Azevedo’s direction has a creative synergy with the play... Lyrical, fierce and heart-breakingly authentic " 

 London Pub Theatre


"Tautly written and directed piece... fascinating drama which is technically and academically thought-provoking due to its multiplicity of narrative framings; it is a superbly acted piece which leaves you on a high, with a visceral sense of horror, shock, and relief" 

 Female Arts


"This multimedia production is invigorating and startling to experience. Piece of Silk encourages us to reflect upon the power of words to both deceive us and inspire us to greater tolerance, breaking the cycles of fear and domination which perpetuate violence." 

 Plays to See


"Tania Azevedo’s direction is spot on and keeps the audience’s attention as the story moves on. Piece of Silk is thoroughly absorbing and keeps the attention of the audience thanks to the fantastic writing and superb acting." 

 London Theatre 1

Creative Team

Writer | Jennie Buckman
Director | Tania Azevedo
Producer | Alex Murphy
Assistant Producer & Marketing Officer | Diana Estrela
Casting Director | Leon Kay
Set and Costume Designer | Matilda Marangoni
Videographer, Sound Designer & Composer | Odinn Hilmarsson
Lighting Designer | Clancy Flynn
Movement Director | Chloe Aliyanni



Jack Bence - Billy
Heather Coombs - Ruby/Mum
Devesh Patel - Sami
Samantha Shellie - Dunya
Tanya Vital - Shaz

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