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Site Specific production at Mornington Crescent Sports Centre
About the piece

When uproar from the residents of Thebes greets Oedipus, the king, he pursues the task of mending the long plagued city.

Having received news from his aid Creon, Oedipus learns that he must unearth the identity of the killer of the former King Laius.

On his journey for answers, however, Oedipus uncovers some sickening and inconceivable truths he did not expect to find...

This experiemtnal revival explores the use of an unconventional space as a means to re-tell this ancient story through brand new music, physical theatre and a renewed version of Sophochles' original script.


Creative team

Director| Tania Azevedo

Set Designer| Andrea Marsden

Costume Designer| Olivia Ward

Composer/Musical Director| Tom Hartley Booth

Script Adaptation by | Eleanor Rhodda

Production Manager| Dani Copperstone

Producer| Play Pen Productions and Joe Sowerbutts



Oedipus - Joe Sowerbutts

Creon - Peter A. Rae

Jocasta - Rebecca Easthamm

Teiresias/Chorus - Ashley Stirling

Priestess/Chorus - Lily de la Haye

Citizen/Chorus - Ed Attrill

Shepherd/Chorus - Ana Luderowski

Chorus - Minal Patel

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