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By Michael John LaChiusa 
The Hope Theatre
About the piece

The depths of sexuality and sexual attraction are here for the asking in this musical fantasy suggested by Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde.

As though seen through the lens of a combination time machine and bawdy, old-time kinescope, Hello Again criss-crosses beds and jumps from decade to decade, intimately examining the painful secrets that drive characters into each other’s arms and towards the bruising effects of reckless passion.


"Tania Azevedo’s careful direction keeps the action moving - It’s undertaken with sensitivity and occasionally humour"

 Paul Vale


★★★★★ "Tania Azevedo’s outstanding production ... throwing caution to the wind, exposing every passionate nerve and sexual complexity.

This is not your typical musical, but somehow the music works seamlessly to enhance every situation, heightening each reality and at the same time delicately controlling it from the tiniest romance to blatant sexual hedonism." 

 West End Wilma


★★★★ “A bold and dreamy take on Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, Hello Again is an entrancing ether that swirls your senses and touches being human.- Hello Again is an intoxicating concoction of carnal urges and humanity. Get lost and find yourself again amid sex and ether”

 Grumpy Gay Critic


★★★★ "As musicals go [Hello Again] has a fearless, original streak that's emotionally truthful and sets it apart from it peers."

 Female Arts


★★★★ "Directed by Tania Azevedo for Play Pen Productions, Hello Again shines as a strong piece of musical theatre."

 There Ought to be Clowns


★★★★"Remarkably polished... the attention to detail is immaculate. The threads of each scene are so skilfully woven together in writing (LaChiusa) and direction (Azevedo)."

Ginger Hibiscus

Creative Team

Director | Tania Azevedo

Musical Director | Dan Jarvis

Choreographer | Chloe Aliyanni

Set Design | Andrea Marsden

Costume Design | Olivia Ward 

Assistant Director | Hannah Elsy

Stage Manager| Josephine Rossen

Lighting Design | Katie Nicoll

Sound Design | Phil Matejtschuk

Producer | Andre Sequeira



The Whore/The Young Wife - Thea Jo Wolfe 

The Soldier/The Writer - Adam Colbeck-Dunn

The Nurse/The Actress - Isabella Messarra

The College Boy/The Young Thing - Joshua LeClair

The Husband/The Senator - Miles Western

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