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Story and Book by Jennie Buckman
Music by Anthony Kosky
Lyrics by Nikki Racklin
Corbett Theatre
East 15 Acting School
About the piece

In the 1770s, Mary Lacy, a poor girl from Kent facing a lifetime as a domestic servant, ran away from home, disguised herself as a man, and joined the British Navy.

She became an apprentice shipwright, but when her gender was discovered, she was expelled from the Navy and went on to become an architect and builder.  

Mary found love and companionship with Mrs Elizabeth Slade, with whom she lived, found time to write her memoirs and was the first woman to be granted a pension from the British Admiralty.  


Creative team

Director | Tania Azevedo

Musical Director | Louise Barron

Musical Supervisor | Michael Crean

Costume and Set Designer | Jason Denvir

Lighting Designer | Phil Hamilton

Sound Designer | Jake Wakstein 

Arrangements by the company



Mary Lacy - Lily-Moana Sinko

Elizabeth Slade - Louise Barron

Benjamin Slade - Sebastian Gardner

Susan Richardson - Emily Hindle

John Richardson - Rory Howes

Martha Whateley - Ami Jones

Thomas Whateley - Timotei Cobeanu

Barnaby Lewis - Michael Crean

George Lewis - Josh Tucker

Fanny/Hannah - Marie Longva Danielsen

Mrs. Inchbald - Margherita Deri

Captain/Sweeper - Daniel Kettle

Winnie - Charley Russell

Edward Turner - Harris Allen 

Carpenter Baker/Judge - Jeremias Amoore

Mrs. Purefoy/ Mrs. Baker - Erika Sviderskytė

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